Healthy Streets by Lucy Saunders

The aging population, life-style related health issues, and sustainability goals are shared problems in towns and cities. Healthy Streets® is an evidence-based approach for city development to tackle these issues.

Healthy Streets webinar with Lucy Saunders was arranged 12 November 2020.

Watch recording of the webinar.

Lucy Saunders developed Healthy Streets through her research into the health impacts of transport, public realm and urban planning. It turns out that the key elements necessary for public spaces to improve people’s health are the same as those needed to make urban places socially and economically vibrant and environmentally sustainable. The Healthy Streets Approach is used for example by the City of London.

The keynote is divided into three sections:

  1. Why is it so important to use a Healthy Streets Approach? What are the big public health challenges that relate to how we design and manage our streets and transport systems?
  2. What are the Healthy Streets Indicators? Case study examples to illustrate each one.
  3. Success factors in delivering Healthy Streets, highlighting the pitfalls and how the Healthy Streets Approach overcomes them, including the use of HEAT-tool

The webinar is provided by the EU-funded HEAT-project. The project is focused on participatory urban planning for healthier urban communities. An e-book with the learnings from the project, was published in conjunction with the webinar.

Lucy Saunders is a unique combination of public health specialist, urbanist and transport planner. She created the Healthy Streets Approach, an evidence based-framework for decision making at every level to embed public health in city transport, public realm and planning. Building on her success in London she now shares her expertise with cities and regions globally.

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Additional information:
Laura Luukkonen, Project coordinator
City of Turku