HEAT Project in Tartu

In Tartu, the HEAT project is an important part of Tartu’s overall goal of becoming a cycle-friendly city. Over the last few years, the city has increased its investments in building the necessary cycling infrastructure and plans to open a public bike sharing system in the city by 2019. As such, the role of the HEAT project in Tartu’s goals is many-fold:

  1. The City will use the HEAT tool to calculate the health and economic benefits of a new stretch of biking infrastructure that will be built (ca 5 km) to connect more than 5 major districts of Tartu;
  2. As Tartu already has a strong history of active citizen participation in all levels of city planning, the City hopes to learn and apply new citizen engagement techniques and approaches, esp. in terms of urban planning and biking infrastructure, and in promoting biking and walking;
  3. Breach the gap between different stakeholders, interest and citizen groups and city planners and move towards co-creation practices;
  4. Promote biking as an environmentally friendly, healthy and affordable option for citizens of all ages and backgrounds;
  5. Increase multimodality and encourage both walking and cycling in the city.