HEAT Project in Southwest Finland

The work in the HEAT project in Southwest Finland is divided between two partners,  Valonia and Turku University of Applied Sciences.


The aim of the project is to boost the ongoing positive change in local traffic planning towards a more sustainable and bicycle friendly future. This work has already been done in Valonia and the regional council of Southwest Finland. HEAT project gives us tools to take the work to the next level. The focus of Valonia’s work is to improve the participation of municipal officers from different sectors and the resident in the processes of traffic planning. This will be done in participatory workshops and by trying out new types of participatory digital tools.


In the HEAT project, TUAS is organizing the HEAT Tool trainings for the project partners to help and to ensure the cities’ calculations made with the tool. The HEAT tool training consists of lectures introducing the tool, local workshops, expert and peer consultation and seminars. For the cities, the main benefits of the HEAT calculations are to make visible the economic effects of increased biking, which in turn will provide arguments for future investments, actions and strategies to get the best results in health and social issues and in the city economy.