Partner meeting in Tartu from 3-4 October 2019

HEAT project partners gathered for their fourth partner meeting in Tartu on October 3-4.

The main topics of the meeting were wrapping up the interactive workshops, continuing work on planning the campaigns in each city and discussing the interactive aspects of the HE  AT website and the planned tools.

To this end, several fruitful sessions were held: in the interactive workshop wrap-up, each city presented the results of their stakeholder seminar and in the campaign workshop led by project partner Cykelfrämjandet, each partner had to think more thoroughly on the goals of their campaign and how to involve each stakeholder and target group specifically.

Tartu city introducing the results of their light traffic idea gathering round.

 Cykelfrämjandet introducing their interactive workshop.

In the interactive website session, Valonia and IBS led the discussion to determine the direction these interactive developments should take and managed to come to a consensus on the main requirements.

On the second day, Tartu city introduced the green mobility developments of Tartu in the context of WP4, city planning in Tartu, with the help of many external speakers, such as how mobile data was used in planning the new bus route network and the Tartu cycling strategy for 2040 was created. After the presentations, the partners went on a joint biking tour of Tartu on the new Tartu bike sharing bikes.