HEAT project introduced at the first HEAT stakeholder seminar in Tartu

The first HEAT stakeholder seminar of Tartu took place on 29 November 2018 in Tartu, Estonia. The seminar brought together more than 30 participants and presenters from various organizations and fields, and both from the private and public sector, to discuss the plans of Tartu regarding pedestrian and bike lanes, using the HEAT tool and the project’s ambitions regarding Tartu and how to combine successful citizen participation with city level strategic planning both in terms of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.

The seminar opened with an introduction of the HEAT tool and the goals of the HEAT project in the Baltic region and in Tartu by the two local project partners, the Institute of Baltic Studies and Tartu City.

Afterwards, several representatives from the Tartu City government and other organizations presented, discussing both the future pedestrian and bike lane action plan of Tartu, effective strategic planning and also the best practices from home and abroad to keep in mind when planning.

The seminar fostered fruitful discussion between audience members and presenters and offered many ideas and insights into future planning. The next seminar will be held in the beginning of 2019 where both the HEAT tool and the strategic plans of Tartu will be discussed more thoroughly.

Andra Somelar, Analyst
Institute of Baltic Studies