HEAT Project in Jurmala

So far, in the city of Jurmala cycling infrastructure is used mainly for leisure and tourism. In recent years, as demand for business cycling increases, which, like the other modes of transport, ensures that people have stable, fast and convenient link with their jobs, the state and municipal services institutions, shopping centers and other places, there is a need to focus more attention to development of cycling infrastructure. Furthermore, the status of a resort city requires attention to the quality of air, which can be improved, if city’s guests and inhabitants choose bicycle as one of the most common sources of transport.

There are many advantages that Jūrmala will gain form the project:

  1. HEAT analysis to calculate the health and economic benefits of biking and free public transport;
  2. Increased engagement of a diverse group of residents and city officials in urban planning;
  3. Elaboration of recommendations for the existing cycling thematic plan “Cycling development concept of Jurmala”;
  4. Increased number of cyclists in the city and thus reduced level of CO2 emissions;
  5. Elaboration of visualization for cycling learning area for children.