Jūrmala is the second largest city in Latvia by area (101 square kilometers) and the fifth largest city by population (57 653 inhabitants in 2018).

Jūrmala is surrounded by water from two sides – the city’s southern side borders with the coast of River Lielupe for 30 kilometers, but the city’s northern edge – with the Gulf of Riga for 26 kilometers. In the narrowest point it is only 380 meters wide.

Nowadays, Jūrmala is known as a resort city. Jūrmala’s beach, slightly over 26 km in length, is a great place for resting and health strengthening: the rustling waves have a calming effect, the fresh air rich in phytoncide and ionized by the sea has a beneficial and healing effect on the respiratory tract. The first guests arrived in Kaugurciems in the 1730s. At first, holidaymakers lived in rooms rented out by the local fishermen, but, as the local transportation system was developed, in particular, the opening of the railway in 1877, construction of summer homes boomed and the first sanatoriums and warm sea bath establishments were created.

More and more often guests of Jūrmala choose to explore the resort by having a bicycle ride around the city, as do the people living in Jūrmala. Jūrmala city municipality also supports the organization of different cycling marathons in Jūrmala, which become more and more popular attracting lots of participants, including local citizens of different age groups.