Tartu is launching its campaign and celebrating World Bicycle Day

Tartu City will officially kick off its public campaign on June 3rd, the United Nations World Bicycle Day.

Bicycle Day aims to celebrate the “uniqueness, longevity and versatility of the bicycle” which people have been using for more than two centuries. As a green means of mobility with countless health benefits, the UN encorages all Member States to pay particular attention to cycling on that day, which Tartu City is doing by launching its HEAT project campaign.

The first step in the campaign includes installing seven large posters in one of the mobility hotspots of Tartu that each have a particular topic they are introducing:

  • the HEAT project
  • World Bicycle Day
  • HEAT tool calculations in Tartu
  • the new light traffic masterplan that was created based on the HEAT calculations
  • the results of the idea gathering (with ArcGIS tool)
  • the new Cycling Strategy of Tartu
  • types of road users

Unfortunately, as large gatherings are still not allowed due to the COVID-19 situation, the unveiling will take place with the local project team. Additionally, short flash interviews will be conducted with passers-by to feed into further planning activities.

In July, the posters will be moved to a different hotspot created in Tartu by closing down one of the main car roads. For one month, that space in the city center will be reclaimed and turned into a pedestrian and cyclist friendly area that features open air cafes, meeting spaces and much more, ensuring great visibility for the project and the campaign.

A preview of one of the posters