HEAT Tool Workshop in Tartu

On February 14, WSP consultants Hannu Lehto and Kaisuliina Vihanti visited Tartu, Estonia to organize an interactive workshop for the local partners on using the HEAT tool. Present at the workshop were Tartu City government representatives and the Institute of Baltic Studies – the two local Estonian partners of the HEAT project.

Previously, the workshop had already been organized for our Finnish and Swedish project partners in Turku (read more here) who also took the opportunity to use the HEAT tool the calculate the imapct of cycling and walking in their cities and regions. In Tartu, the results were not far from surprising as it was calculated that over the course of 10 years, an increase in cycling and walking will prevent at least 7 premature deaths. Given the economic value of a human’s contribution to society, this is a convincing argument for investing in light traffic infrastructure, which would motivate Tartu citizens to cycle and walk more.

Tartu will continue to explore the possibilities of the HEAT tool and use it to calculate different variables, e.g. focusing on walking and cycling separately and taking into account the new planned cycling infrastructure and the bike sharing system that will be launched in Tartu in the summer of 2019. Tartu also plans to introduce the tool at upcoming stakeholder seminars.

Read more about the tool here.

Analysist Andra Somelar
The Institute of Baltic Studies