HEAT project introduces the new masterplan draft of Tartu

Tartu city has begun preparing its new masterplan that will guide the urban planning activities and developments in Tartu city until the year 2040. The masterplan is the most important document guiding the spatial development of Tartu that balances the interests of various interest groups.

In order to ensure that every citizen and resident of Tartu can have a voice in the masterplan, the plan was opened for public comment and feedback using the ArcGIS engagement platform.

The masterplan also has an important role in mapping the developments in pedestrian and cycling traffic. In ArcGIS, respondents can review the current and planned cycling lanes and leave specific comments about them, in addition to making suggestions about non-existing lanes. The masterplan also features the planned 5km long cycling lane that follows the river Emajõgi and that is the subject of Tartu city’s HEAT calculations.

As such, an advertisement for the new masterplan which specifically highlights the plans regarding new cycling lanes was printed and attached to Tartu rental bikes:

The picture also has a QR reference to the masterplan on Tartu city webpage.

All in all, nearly 400 suggestions were collected via the ArcGIS platform with one of the most controversial items being an old railway corridor which citizens want to be converted into a green corridor with a pedestrian and cycling lane and not a car road.

The rental bikes with the advertisements were very eye-catching on the streets and helped highlight the necessity of citizen participation in urban planning.