Citizen participation: Interactive workshops & digital tools

To enhance the chances for digital participation within traffic and urban planning, the partners of the HEAT project have tried out different digital methods and tools. The process started with analysing the needs of each partner and their stakeholder groups. Based on the analysis, Valonia produced a guidebook for the interactive workshops. The guidebook includes a review of the digital tools suitable for the aims and needs ot the project partners.

In the very early stages of the process it became clear, that one can not separate the use of the digital/online tools from the wider concept of participation. The digital tools are only a part of a process, not the whole solution – content is key and it is important to select the most suitable tools for the aims and focus. Also budget and technical skills of the facilitator are key factors to be considered. Digital tools can be used to enable participation without physical interaction or to ease communication or idea gathering within actual meetings. Both of these ways to use digital tools have been tested within the HEAT project. Different measures need to be taken when participating residents or municipal officers into a planning process.

The content of the Guidebook:

  • The process of interactive workshops
  • Digital tools for interaction
  • What is digital participation?
  • The list of tools/platforms sorted by different qualities/ user priorities

Download the PDF-guidebook for interactive workshops here