The HEAT –project is about participatory urban planning for healthier urban communities in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Sweden. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the planning of healthier, more active and inclusive urban areas in Central Baltic region, in which biking is a safe, popular, and acceptable mode of transport. To make this happen, participatory concepts for development of biking infrastructure will be developed and piloted.

HEAT addresses the problems such as low participation of city residents in urban planning, low engagement of health and other sectors in the urban planning for biking and fragmented infrastructure and initiatives to promote biking in the cities. To tackle these challenges HEAT is bringing together both city inhabitants as well as regional and municipal officials into interactive planning workshops and multistakeholder workshops. HEAT will campaign for biking in the cities and develop policy recommendations.

The expected results are urban plans that include biking routes better than currently and increased acceptance of biking in the cities, through the participation of people in planning of biking paths, campaigns and pilot activities. The engagement of people and city officials in urban planning will increase as well as the sense of co-responsibility for the creation of urban space in their municipalities. Improved urban planning takes into account the effect of the decisions of urban planners on health and social development.

More information can be found from this presentation from the kick-off meeting: HEAT project_Presentation for kick-off