HEAT – Participatory Urban Planning for Healthier Urban Communities

The HEAT project worked with problems of fragmented urban planning and cycling infrastructure. During 2018-2020, the project partners tested participatory methods to reach wider range of stakeholders, campaigned for positive image of (all year) cycling, and estimated the economic value of cycling to municipalities.

Every action was a step towards more integrated and healthy urban planning in cities of Jurmala, Tartu, Stockholm, and in the Southwest Finland region. In Tartu and Southwest Finland, the project contributed into a greater process of local traffic planning. In Jurmala and Stockholm, the plans present a scalable solution for supporting cycling. 

The steps taken can be viewed also from the articles. In addition, the project held several webinars about different perspectives to healthy urban planning. 

Last but not least, the project proudly presents a Handbook for Participatory Urban Planning. It is a user’s guide to participatory process meant for anyone whether from a public or private sector or from an NGO. The handbook contains tips and theory behind participatory processes and case examples from project partners. The handbook is available in English, Estonian, Finnish, Latvian and Swedish languages.

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